Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update January 5, 2023


God bless all. Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update January 5, 2023. The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website. marks via PDK sudani exchange rate fluctuations and their impact made a stick to the inevitability of economic reform. They talk about needing to push forward quickly with the reforms and can no longer kick the can on this.

They will address it by stabilization rate and increasing nonstate related industries. They want to become a juggernaut through trade and not just oil. What we are hearing from the banking side of this I got one great message overnight that simply said this has started. I am hearing very positive things that the ball has started rolling last night, but I don’t know what that means for us timing wise yet I am getting positive feedback from meetings with no specifics. We didn’t get the smoking gun overnight we hoped for, but I am not worried as we are starting to see steady progress.

Many articles out showing Iraq is positioned to move into the world scene. Have you ever seen a country move onto the world scene as an economic powerhouse that has a currency worth nothing? Well, there isn’t one. We are hearing all kinds of stuff from banks all around the world. I cannot tell you how many folks today in our contacts received calls today saying hey, you can exchange dong.

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